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Take a fine art degree, mix in years of graphic design experience, then sprinkle coding on top and you get tasty website designs.

WordPress at 11 years

WordPress is the best content managed system web site software in the world. Find out what all the fuss is about.

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Need help updating your WordPress website? Let’s face it. Not everyone has the technical skills or time to use them enough to remember it the next time they want to add a new post. We will soon be offering Whitepapers that cover everything from basic WordPress to blogging for profit. SIGN IN NOW.

Need a logo but can’t afford it? Many new businesses don’t have the time or money to add a logo option to their website project. We can provide an in-house design that will make your website sparkle. The artwork will belong to you and can be reused for other projects, print or web. Need graphics, icons or illustrations? No problem. See the portfolios.

Sign up with Perugi Design for hosting and we will check your WordPress software and plugins weekly.  With our management software, we can provide even more tools. We check your analytics, look for malware, backup regularly to the Amazon S3 cloud and provide monthly reports. Call 617-365-3418. 

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“Deb’s design flair and good eye have earned me many compliments for my website. I have also appreciated her after-launch service, when she patiently helps me learn how to manage my own website. Working with WordPress is actually quite fun, and I have Deb to thank for her enthusiasm.”

Fredia Woolf, consultant

“Deb has been fantastic. She was able to meet our website needs on extremely short notice, and tirelessly worked with us to achieve stunning results. She gave us an abundance of guidance and advice, and the results have completely exceeded our expectations.”

David Harman, Ph. D.

“Thank you for the millionth time for the work on my site. Everything is running smoothly and I really love it. I recently went to my 25th high school reunion and got lots of compliments on it from my former classmates.”

Rob Hylen, CPA

“Deb is a true pleasure to work with, very knowledgeable, patient, and professional. She exceeded my expectations with her attention to detail and showing me how to update the content myself. I can’t recommend her more highly to others, in fact, I already have! ”

Gabriel Polonsky, filmaker